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Reporting and Auditing Platform

The Latch Reporting and Auditing Platform provides managers access to building data to drive efficiency and reliability when auditing staff, resident permissions, devices, administrators and more throughout a property.
Within Latch Mission Control, Property Managers can access reports all in a single place and automated reports allow users to easily filter, sort, search, and export files. The Reporting and Auditing feature helps to eliminate human error and provides a clean auditing trail to view Admin, Users, Key and Devices reports.
To view the reports within Latch Mission Control, go to the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click 'Manage Settings,' and select 'Reports.'

Reports Available:

  • Admin Actions Report - The Admin Actions report is used to audit which Admins have been added or removed, who has granted them access, and their permission start/end dates. This report is available only to Portfolio Managers.
  • Assigned Access Report - The Assigned Access report includes names and email addresses of users who have access at a property and details about their access. It includes access time periods, who granted the access, and whether they’ve set up their latch account or have a keycard associated with their account.
  • Keys Report - The Keys report shows the doors associated to each key, when doors were assigned to that key, and who took that action.
  • Access Devices - The Access Devices report details which devices would benefit from a Door Update, Firmware Upgrade, or Battery Change. This report includes Door Name, Product Type, Firmware Version, whether a Firmware Upgrade is needed, whether a Door Update is needed, Device Update Reason, Estimated Battery Percentage, and Days Since the Last Battery Reading.
  • Keycards - The Keycards report provides details about all activated key cards, making it easier for property managers to manage their key cards. Property Managers can view all the activated keycards, their activation date, and the users associated with those keycards.
  • Latch Delivery Assistant - The Latch Delivery Assistant report provides metrics about deliveries made through the Latch Delivery Assistant, including Month/Year, Peak Delivery Hours, Time Zone, Average Daily Deliveries, and Average Daily Packages. This report is available only to properties with Latch Delivery Assistant.
  • People Keys - The People Keys report helps you ensure users only have the minimum required access. Our report provides detailed information on each user's access level, including their name, type (Resident, Guest, or Manager), number of keys, and the specific keys they have access to. With the ability to filter by user name, user type, and key name, you can easily identify any potential risks and take action to mitigate them. 

Search and Filtering:

In the upper right-hand corner of Mission Control, users can search by a specific field (e.g. by name, email, or key name). Next to the search bar, users can adjust filters to customize their reports, such as filtering by a specific date range, admin, or a resident’s name.'

Exporting Data:

To export the report, navigate to the blue box on the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select ‘Export.’  In order to export a report, users must first select the ‘Report Type’ from the drop-down menu and create a report name. In all reports, users can adjust the time period of the data in the report.  Once complete, select the ‘Export CSV’ button to generate the file. The data file can then be easily added to a CSV editing program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for additional analysis and insights.

Insights Dashboard

If you are managing a Latch Property, the Insights Dashboard provides managers with a comprehensive overview of your entire portfolio effortlessly with this powerful tool. Get key metrics and actionable insights from one easy-to-use interface, ensuring you are always up-to-date with critical information.

With the Insights Dashboard, you can easily assess the health and stability of all properties, monitor occupancy levels, and access the number of access events to your property's entrance and communal doors. The Insights Dashboard unifies all data into one main screen, simplifying your ability to maintain and make decisions at your property.

Property Dropdown

You can view aggregated metrics for your entire portfolio or specific properties within your portfolio by clicking on the Dashboard property dropdown. By default, the dashboard presents metrics for your entire portfolio.



  • Unit Occupancy - The percentage of occupied units among all units.
  • Residents and Guests - The total number of users with access to the property.
  • Admins - The number of unique managers who have been granted access to manage the property.
  • Building Entrances - The number of successful unlocks that have been made to doors classified as "Building Entrances."
  • Communal Entrances - The number of successful unlocks that have been made to doors classified as "Communal Entrances."


  • Low Battery Devices - The number of devices with battery levels less than 20%.
  • Firmware Upgrades - The number of devices that are not running on the latest Firmware version and would benefit from an upgrade.
  • Device Updates - The number of devices that require a software update.


  • Upcoming Move-Ins - The number of upcoming move-ins in the next 30 days. 
  • Upcoming Move-Outs - The number of upcoming move-outs in the next 30 days. 

All metrics are compared to the last 30 days.

The last updated time is displayed on the lower right of the dashboard.