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About Marks Architech Powered by Latch

Marks Architech is a new mortise-style lock product built by Marks leveraging the power of Latch's Lens Platform. 

Marks Architech

The Marks Architech line is built by Marks in order to provide a powerful solution for building owners who are looking to bring best-in-class security, design, and customization to their property. The body of the device is built by Marks and any questions around maintenance, hardware defect, finish issues, or else can be sent to: 

Powered by Latch

Latch Lens with rings pulsing showing connectivity

The Marks Architech utilizes the Latch Lens to bring LatchOS to new properties, managers, and residents. The Latch Lens, utilized in all Latch products allows for Mobile Unlock, Doorcode and Keycard backup access, activity logs, guest sharing, remote management and more. If users are experiencing an issue with the lens itself, Mission Control, Latch App or Manager App please contact


For information on how to use Inductive Jumpstart on the Latch Lens, see this article.