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Introduction to Latch

Latch is a smart access platform designed around opening, managing, and sharing spaces in the fastest and most secure way. Latch devices can be installed on every door in a building, which, when coupled with the Latch App and Latch Manager, allow occupants and property managers to unlock and manage every space from their smartphone.

With Latch Manager, property managers can give and revoke access to occupants no matter where they are from a web browser. Once they give access to an occupant in Latch Manager, their occupants will receive an invitation to sign up to Latch. Once they sign up, they can use the Latch App to unlock spaces, and give their visitors such as friends, cleaning services, and more, temporary access with a Doorcode. Just like the property manager, occupants can view a photographic history of who accessed their space.

Occupants can also optionally use a Keycard to unlock their spaces if their smartphone runs out of battery, or they don’t have a compatible smartphone. Keycards are normally handed out upon occupant request, by property management.

This 6-step guide can help you easily get started with Latch to manage your property remotely, share access with visitors such as vendors and services, resolve tenant lockouts remotely, and remove the inefficiencies of traditional key management.

Step 1: Send your purchase order

Step 2: Communicate Latch installation to tenants*

Step 3: Set up your Latch Manager account

Step 4: Set up before Latch device installation

Step 5: Set up construction access

Step 6: Install Latch devices 

*If you have occupants in your building already


Step 1: Send your purchase order and software agreement


1. Verify and Submit your Project Registration & Software Agreement 

Latch devices are delivered per specification on the initial purchase order. If you need a master key for your construction site, please ensure it is noted on your PO. Locks are delivered per spec on PO. For appropriate handing, color, master key, etc, this must be requested on the initial PO.

All items on the Software Agreement must be filled out for a successful implementation. The Latch Onsite Admin on the Software Agreement is the individual responsible for Latch implementation.

Once we receive a Purchase Order alongside Project Registration Subscription Agreement, we will fulfill your order and provide tracking. For information on lead times please contact your rep.

2. Identify the Latch Onsite Admin in your Software Agreement

The Latch On Site Admin will be made the Portfolio Manager of Latch Manager. Unlike Property Managers, Portfolio Managers can create additional Property Managers, doors, and Keys.

3. On the Software Agreement, identify the Latch Installer 

This installer will receive specific permissions and training to successfully install Latch devices within the property.


Step 2: Communicate Latch installation to property occupants and construction teams


If you have existing occupants in your property, take a moment to educate them on Latch:

  • Latch is a full-property smart access platform that allows occupants unlock their doors with a smartphone, or Doorcode, and let family, friends, and services (e.g. dog walker, cleaner) even when they’re away. If your occupants don’t have a compatible smartphone or are worried about their smartphones running out of battery, they can also keep a Latch Keycard as a backup.
  • Let them know which doors within the property will be fitted with Latch devices, and the when installation will occur.
  • Assure them that security and privacy is at the core of Latch: Latch devices give occupants peace of mind with; a history of who accessed their space, when they did so, and if it's a guest of theirs, a photo – so they can verify the right person entered. Their comings and goings from their private spaces however are only viewable by them and the Latch will never take a photo of them when entering their space. To keep common areas safe for everyone, property managers are able to see all access history with accompanying photos for the common spaces, much like property security cameras.
  • Construction teams can unlock doors using a physical master key, which needs to be part of your PO order, or with a smartphone, Keycard, or Doorcode, once they are added on Latch Manager. For guidance on adding construction teams on Latch Manager, see Step 4.

Step 3: Set up your Latch Manager account


Latch Manager
 is a cloud-based smart access platform designed for property managers to manage who has access to which spaces in their properties. With Latch Manager, you can create doors and Keys, share access with visitors, and monitor the status of Latch devices. Learn more about “Managing Latch at your Building”. 

By setting up your Latch Manager account, you will also be able to install Latch devices, and perform firmware upgrades and door updates from the Manager App.


1. Identify the Latch Onsite Admin

The Latch Onsite Admin is the individual given ownership of Latch Manager, as outlined in your Software Agreement.


2. Set up other property staff as Portfolio Managers/Property Managers

This allows more of your building staff to manage access. Property Managers can create, delete, give, and revoke access from occupants and visitors, but unlike Portfolio Managers, they cannot create other Portfolio or Property Managers, and may only have purview over select properties in the portfolio.

Step 4: Get everything ready before installation


Whether you have existing occupants or it’s a new construction project, we suggest you first set up doors and Keys for the most efficient and seamless installation. Otherwise, if you give a new occupant access, activate a new Keycard for the door, or assign the associated door to a Key after the Latch device is installed, you will need to perform a door update with the Latch Manager App.


1. Identify the different door types 

Door types are important for ordering the doors in your app and ensuring the correct privacy level for occupants and visitors.


2. Create doors 

To make it easier to manage your access, Latch devices need to be connected to a door. We recommend creating doors in advance so that during installation of a Latch device, installers can easily assign the correct door the Latch device.


3. Delete doors 

Ensure only the correct doors are created and delete any duplicates.


4. Make Keys 

Keys contain one or more doors and are what you give to occupants or visitors to enable their access to a certain space.


5. Add People to the Latch App 

If you already have occupants, invite them prior to installing the Latch to ensure they have access immediately upon successful installation. This ensures there is no disruption in your occupant’ access to their space which is a legal requirement in some territories. You can also quickly add all your users by bulk uploading them with a csv file .


6. Bulk Import Residents 

It’s more efficient for you to import all your residents in one go.



7. Issue Keycards 

Set up Keycards for occupants or construction teams that do not wish to use the Latch app, require a backup credential, or do not have an email. Depending on if the individual is using the Latch app, we suggest different processes when issuing their Keycard.


Step 5: Set up access for construction teams


In order to set up a Key for construction teams, you must have completed Step 4.


1. Create a Key for construction teams

Ensures that access can easily and quickly be revoked from construction teams upon construction completion, ensuring that their access doesn’t remain once occupants move in.

Step 6: Install Latch devices


Once you have permission to install Latch devices, you are ready to mount and activate a Latch on a door. Installers will have access to any Latch they have installed for 24 hours in order to test that the Latch correctly unlocks. Should installers need prolonged access, they will need to be given longer access through Latch Manager.  


1. Mechanical Installation: Latch R, Latch M , Latch C

Mount the Latch device on the door.

2. Activate the Latch

This connects the Latch with Latch Manager which enables all digital features including smartphone, Doorcode, and Keycard unlocking, as well as access sharing and access log capture.

3. Prepare for Turnover 

Your property management team will need to delete construction keys and teams, and prepare to manage access for occupants and visitors in time for property turnover, once construction finishes.