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Introduction to Latch

Latch is a smart access system of hardware and software products, which allow occupants and property managers to open, manage, and share every space from their smartphone. Read the full Introduction to Latch in Setting up Latch for your Building.

What is Latch Manager and what does it do?


With Latch Manager, you can give and revoke access to every Latch device in your building, straight from your web browser. Within Latch Manager, you’ll see People, Keys, Doors, and Activity. These sections enable you to add your building occupants, set up the correct Keys for your Doors, and monitor the individuals coming in and leaving your building.


  • People: These are the individuals you’re inviting to Latch and whom you plan to give access to.
  • Keys: If you want to give someone access to a door, you need to give them a Key. You can group one or more doors into a Key, set a schedule for when the doors can be unlocked, and whether that Key can be shared.
  • Doors: Every Latch device for the different spaces within the building is identified in Latch Manager under Doors.
  • Activity: Monitor who has been coming and going between your spaces and see the series of access events. Latch devices only record the access history of guests. See here for full security and privacy terms.

Switch Latch Manager ownership


If you are new to managing your building(s), check your email to see if you have received an invite to create your Latch ID and permissions for Latch Manager as either a Portfolio Manager or Property Manager. The current Property Manager overseeing your property’s Latch Manager can refer to set up other property staff as Portfolio Managers/Property Managers for more information. Once you have Latch Manager, you can add two-factor authentication to your sign in for additional account security.

What does Managing Latch look like?


Building management with Latch is designed to be simple, while also recognizing the different individuals and spaces you’ll need to give access to. To support a seamless experience, learn how to use the basics within Latch Manager - People, Keys, and Doors - which have already been introduced in “What is Latch Manager and what does it do?“.

1. Managing People

2. Managing Keys

  • Group one or more doors, and set a schedule for when those doors may be unlocked. You share access with people by giving them a Key or a set of Keys.

3. Managing Doors

  • Every Latch device for the different spaces within the building is identified in Latch Manager under Doors. Create and delete doors to match your building. Door updates help you troubleshoot Latch device issues, keep your audit trail up to date, and ensure the devices have the latest feature fixes.

Maintaining a Latch Building


Maintaining your property is easy with Latch Manager. No matter where you are, you can remotely give access to trusted services and vendors such as handymen, view a history of who accessed your property and when, and keep an eye on the battery life of Latch devices, and more, all from your web browser. 

Use Latch Manager for the following maintenance activities:

What internet browsers are compatible with Latch Manager?

The Latch Manager runs on all modern desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. We commit to support the latest version. The most common web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE Edge will automatically update themselves so that you're always running the most current version. We also support IE11.