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Adding, removing, and editing people in Latch Manager

Whether it's adding or removing a resident, or editing the doors they should have access to, managing access for your building is simple, fast, and secure with Keys in Latch Manager. If you don't have access to Latch Manager, contact


Creating someone

Follow the steps below to add someone to your property:

  1. Select the relevant property in the left menu
  2. Select 'People'
  3. Select 'Invite'
  4. Decide whether you want to give them the Latch App or a Daycode
  5. Fill out their contact details
  6. Add the Keys they need. Learn more about making Keys.
  7. Select a start time (if you select a future start date, the person will still receive their welcome email today so they can get acquainted with the Latch App)
  8. We recommend you select an expiration date for the person's access. This ensure's that their access is automatically removed on the correct day, such as when their lease expires
  9. At this point, the recipient will receive a welcome email with their app login details
  10. Review the door update tasks on the day that the access starts. What are door update tasks?
  11. Once the devices have been updated, the person will be able to access the doors by using their smartphone, doorcode, or Latch Keycard (Note: You need to independently setup Latch Keycard before using it)


Removing someone

  1. Navigate to 'People'
  2. Select the person you would like to remove
  3. Select 'Delete'
  4. Confirm that you would like to delete the person (note: this will also remove access for their permanent guests)
  5. Update the relevant doors. What are door update tasks?
  6. Once the devices have been updated, the person will no longer be able to access the doors


Editing someone's Keys 

  1. Navigate to 'People'
  2. Add, edit the expiration, or delete their Keys
  3. Review the door update tasks. What are door update tasks?
  4. Once the devices have been updated, the changes will become active


Importing people from a CSV file

With Import, you can upload people all at once from a CSV, just follow these steps:

  1. Select 'Invite' in 'People'
  2. Select 'Latch App'
  3. Select 'Import CSV'
  4. Select 'Import'
  5. Download the CSV template to ensure your data is in the right format
  6. Choose your CSV file or drag a file into the browser window
  7. Select 'Import CSV'
  8. Review your data, if there are any issues, you can make the changes to your original CSV file and re-upload
  9. Select 'Add Contacts'
  10. Add the Keys you want them to have
  11. Optional: add a start time and expiration for your imported people
  12. Review and Send
  13. Once complete, all the people you added will receive the Latch welcome email with details on using the Latch app and Latch devices


Good to know

  • Your data must be in CSV form
  • Email addresses are treated as the primary identifier people in the Latch system. If you're adding someone with an email address that already has Latch account associated with it, doors will be added to the existing account.
  • If for some reason there are problems completing the import process, the same CSV may be uploaded again and the system will only import data that hasn’t already been processed.

How do I ensure people have the correct access?

Latch is designed to let the right people in. Below are some helpful best practices and tips to ensure people have the appropriate and timely access to spaces in your building.

Can I let guests and vendors in remotely with Latch Manager?

Yes. Latch Manager let's you send a Daycode to guests or vendors immediately for today, no matter where you are.


With Latch Manager

1. Select 'Invite'

2. Select 'Day code'

3. Enter the guest's contact details (note, you can only send a doorcode via email with Latch Manager. If you'd like to send a doorcode via text, use the Latch app)

4. Select the Keys they need (they will receive a unique code for each door)

5. Select whether you want to codes to start today or tomorrow

5. Choose if you want each code to self-destruct 15 minutes after they are first used

6. Send

7. Your guest will now receive an email with the doorcodes


With the Latch app

See how to let guests in.