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How long do batteries last?

Latch M

The Latch M has batteries and won’t go down if your power goes out. Its 6 AA batteries will last for up to 12 months with normal usage, with battery alerts and our automatic low-power mode keeping you in the know. If your Latch M is wire-powered, your batteries will be unused until power is cut.

Learn more about monitoring and replacing batteries.


Latch R

The Latch R is wired for power. Once it has been installed, you will not have to worry about battery life.


Changing batteries

The Latch M's 6 AA batteries should last 12 months under normal usage using 6 x AA Duracell non-rechargeable batteries. Managing them is simple. Just follow these steps.


Reading battery life

View device battery life using the Latch Manager or Manager App. 

Battery life is refreshed every time a device is updated. If a device hasn't been updated for a while, the reported battery life could be out-of-date. If a battery hasn't been read for more than a month, it'll be reported as 'unknown', and you'll need to update the device to get a reading.

If your device is wire powered, you will only get a battery life reading when the device is disconnected from power. 

What batteries do I buy?

  • 6 x AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries
  • Never mix old and new batteries. If you're replacing batteries, replace ALL the batteries with new ones of the same brand. Mixing can cause battery failure.


Changing batteries

  1. Remove the Latch M's back cover
  2. Replace the 6 AA batteries with AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries
  3. Important: Replace ALL 6 AA batteries with new batteries of the same brand. Mixing and matching new and old batteries can cause battery failure and reduced battery life
  4. Update the device (Important: failing to update the device after battery replacement can result in unreliable functionality). How do I update a device?




Firmware Upgrades

Firmware Upgrades offer numerous optimizations and improvements to Latch device performance, functions and overall security.

To Firmware Upgrade the Latch device (while physically at a device):

1. Open the Latch Manager App

2. Select the corresponding building

3. Select the corresponding door/lock name

4. Select 'Upgrade Firmware and Update' 

The Firmware Upgrade may take up to 10 minutes. During this time, please do not step away from the device or close out the App. If the Firmware Upgrade fails upon first try, please reset the Manager App by closing out and reopening the App, then reattempt the Upgrade 2-3 more times. If unsuccessful after 3 tries, please contact support.

Swapping out or deactivating a Latch device

It's easy to swap out or deactivate a Latch device without causing disruption. Deactivating, removes all accesses from the device, and disassociates it from the door which it was assigned to. Once deactivated, you can assign a different door to the device.


1. Deactivate the Latch device 

  1. Ensure you have access to the door - if you don't, ask your administrator to give you access
  2. Using the Manager App, navigate to the devices list
  3. Select the door which you want to deactivate the Latch device from
  4. Select 'deactivate'


2. Activate and program the new Latch device on the door

  • Ensure you select the same door name when programming the new Latch device to ensure you restore access to the right door for all the right people