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What is the best way to issue keycards?

You can activate and deactivate Keycards in Latch Mission Control on behalf of your residents. Residents can also activate their own Keycard through 

Activating and deactivating a Keycard on behalf of your residents

  • Within Latch Mission Control, you can activate or deactivate a Keycard for a resident by navigating to that person's detail page, and tapping 'Activate' or 'Deactivate'.
  • Once you have activated or deactivated a Keycard, an email will be sent to the user letting them know that a Keycard has been activated or deactivated on their behalf.
  • When you activate or deactivate a Keycard, you will need to update any doors that are not internet connected to ensure that Keycard has been added or removed.


For security reasons, if a user has access to Latch properties that are outside of your portfolio, then you will not be allowed to activate or deactivate their Keycard on their behalf. The user will then have to self-activate or deactivate as outlined below.


Resident self-activation and self-deactivation

If you'd rather your residents manage their Keycard themselves or if a resident has access to Latch devices in a property that is not in your portfolio, then they can activate and deactivate their Keycard themselves at

  1. Create their access in Latch Mission Control. 
  2. Give them their Latch keycard. The card will prompt them to activate their keycard online. After activating they must open any non-internet connected doors with the Latch app before their keycard will work. 

Please note: Their keycard must be activated before they open doors with the Latch app for the first time. If they've already used the Latch app to open their doors, they will be shown how to manually update their doors with the app. 

Finding out if your residents have activated a Keycard or have the Latch App

With Latch Mission Control you can see if a resident has successfully logged into the app or has an activated Keycard, so you can rest assured they can get into the property. See Getting Started for more information on getting access to Latch Mission Control.

To see if a resident has logged into the app or activated a keycard follow these steps:

  1. Open Latch Mission Control
  2. Select 'People'
  3. Select the user who's credentials you want to check
  4. View the status of their credentials under 'Latch App' and 'Keycard'


What does 'Activation/Deactivation Pending' mean?

When you activate or deactivate a Keycard, the relevant doors need to be updated to ensure the Keycard is added or removed accordingly. For internet-connected doors, this happens automatically. For non-internet connected doors, you will need to update those doors using the Latch App or Manager App.

  • 'Pending' means that some doors have not been updated yet to reflect the changes you made to someone's Keycard


How do I give Keycards to my residents?

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