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I cannot find the Android App

To ensure that your experience with the Latch App is secure and reliable, we test all devices before allowing them to run Latch App. If you don't see Latch app in the Google Play store, we may not have verified that your device works with Latch yet.

See our list of Supported Devices for more information.

To request your device, contact us at


Supported and Recommended Phones

The Latch App is available on iOS and Android. The Manager App is available on iOS.

To ensure that your experience with the Latch App and Manager App is secure and reliable, we strongly suggest using one of the supported devices below. Both the Latch App and Manager App can only be found in the United States App Store/Google Play Store. We recommend referencing the App Store and Google Play Store’s limitations around location switching before making this change.

If you do not see the Latch App in the United States App Store or Play Store, your device may not be fully supported and you may encounter reduced functionality.

Using a pre-production iOS or Android operating system may lead to degraded functionality and is not supported. This includes beta iOS versions under the Apple Beta Software Program and beta Android versions under the Android Beta Program. 

Supported iOS Devices

Latch App and Manager App are currently supported on devices running iOS 13 and above. Please refer to Apple’s Supported iPhone Models for more device information.

Note on iPhone 5C and below (32-bit devices)

To maintain the reliability and security of the Latch App, we no longer support iPhone 5C and below due to Apple's deprecation of 32-bit devices.

Supported Android Devices

Latch App currently works on devices running Android 6 and above. While the Latch App is available on many Android devices, we recommend Samsung flagship models and Google Pixels. 

Contact us at if you have any questions regarding support for your device.



iOS Widgets

Note: This feature will be available starting Friday, January 13th. 


Latch has three different iOS widgets available; Lock Screen, Concierge, and Access. Each widget is designed to allow users to utilize their preferred Latch services and experiences with ease. For information on how to set up widgets, please see this article from Apple.


The Access widget comes in two different sizes; Medium and Large. The Access widget allows you to place a widget on your home screen with your preferred doors and selecting one will open the Latch App and initiate an unlock. With the Home Screen widget, you are able to unlock your doors more quickly and set up pathways of your preferred doors that you utilize on a regular basis.


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The medium widget allows you to have up to four doors selected, and the large widget allows you to have up to ten doors. You can configure which devices are in the widget by navigating to your Latch App, selecting the hamburger menu, and selecting "widget."



Lock Screen

The Lock Screen widget allows iOS users to place a widget on their customized lock screen. For information on how to add a Lock Screen widget please see this article from Apple.




The Lock Screen widget allows you to press the widget and open the Latch App directly from your lock screen. You will need to ensure your phone is unlocked with FaceID or your personal PIN in order to navigate. While an unlock does not initiate immediately upon the app opening, you can proceed to using Hold Near to Unlock to immediately start unlocking your doors.


The Concierge widget puts the best additional Latch services directly on your Home Screen. This widget smartly updates to put the best services that are available to you on your screen. Services that are available are in some cases decided by the building you live in, and your eligibility for specific pilots. By pressing on any of these services in the Concierge widget, it will bring you to that service directly in the Latch App.




The hierarchy  in which services are displayed is (this cannot be customized at this time):

1. Bookings

2. WeWork

3. Let Someone In

4. FAQ's


Reorder Doors in the Latch App

To change the order your doors appear in the Latch App, simply open the Latch App and select 'Reorder' from the top right-hand corner. Use the three lines on the right-hand side of each door to set your preferred order. Once complete, select 'Done,' located in the top right-hand corner.

Booking Spaces or Resources with the Latch App

Once your Property Management has created bookable resources/spaces (such as Conference Room, Grill, Pool Table, etc.) throughout a building, residents can book them conveniently through the Latch App.

Bookings can be found in the Latch App by selecting 'Concierge' in the top right-hand corner. If you've already booked a resource/space, you'll see that booking on this landing page and selecting each booking will open up the reservation card with additional information for your upcoming booking. Bookings can be canceled from this page.



To browse available resources/spaces and create a new booking, tap on “Add new booking" to see bookable resources and spaces within your property(s). Next, select a bookable resource or space to open the schedule of available time slots that can be reserved for that resource. Finally, select 'Book' to confirm your booking.



Latch App Firmware Upgrades

Firmware Upgrades offer numerous optimizations and improvements to Latch device performance, functions and overall security. Residents can now upgrade select Latch M, eGenius, and Latch C2 devices through their latch app.
To Firmware Upgrade the Latch device (while physically at the device):
1. Open the Latch App (iOS), Latch App (android)
2. Select the corresponding property
3. Select the corresponding door / lock name
4. Select ‘Upgrade Firmware'
The Firmware Upgrade may take up to 3 minutes. During this time, please do not step away from the device or close out the App. Please ensure your phone has Bluetooth ON and is connected to a good internet. Also, please enable location services for Android phones before performing the upgrade.
If the Firmware Upgrade fails on first try, please reset the Latch App by closing out and reopening the App, then reattempt the Upgrade 2-3 more times. If unsuccessful after 3 tries, please reach out to and our team will be happy to assist you.

Setting Up the Latch App for Apple Watch

What is the Latch App for Apple Watch?

The Latch App for Apple Watch is a hands-free and phone-free way to unlock your Latch devices. While users already have the choice of unlocking with the Latch App, a doorcode, or keycard, the Latch App for Apple Watch offers another unlock option for users on-the-go—even without their phone.

Will the Latch App work on my Apple Watch?

The Latch App for Apple Watch is fully supported on Apple Watch Series 2 and newer. While Bluetooth unlock is not currently supported on the Apple Watch Series 1, you may still access your personal doorcodes.

All watches require watchOS 6 or newer to operate.


How do I install the Latch App for Apple Watch?

The Latch App for Apple Watch is available to download from the App Store on the Watch. If you have auto-install selected on your mobile device, you can also update to the latest mobile version of the Latch App in the iOS App Store, and the Watch App should automatically install. 


What if I can’t find the Latch App in the Apple Watch App Store? 

The Latch App for Apple Watch is only available for users running the watchOS 6 operating system. 


How do I log into the Latch App for Apple Watch?

Once connected to Wi-Fi, the Latch App for Apple Watch will automatically log in using your credentials from your mobile device (if the Latch App is installed on your mobile device). Your mobile device must be in the vicinity of your watch to auto-login, or you can enter your email and password in the app to log in.

Setting Up Unlock with Siri

What is unlock with Siri?

Unlock with Siri is a seamless unlock experience tied directly to Siri on your iPhone. You will be able to choose a specific phrase for each door that will unlock the door after you say “Hey, Siri.” To set it up, open the Latch App, navigate to your Door List, and tap on any of your public Doors. Tap the “Add to Siri” button and follow the set-up steps to create your own phrase.


Will unlock with Siri work on my phone?

Unlock with Siri is available for any Apple device running iOS 12 or newer. You will also need the Shortcuts app that comes preloaded with your iPhone. If you’ve deleted Shortcuts, you can download it again here.


Will unlock with Siri work on my Apple Watch, Airpods, HomePod?

Yes. All unlock with Siri will work across all your Siri-enabled devices. For security reasons, we do not recommend using unlock with Siri if you have a HomePod.


How secure is Siri?

Siri uses Apple’s native voice recognition to ensure that only you are able to suggest commands for it. There are varying levels of security for Siri depending on your preferences.


  • On iPhone, Airpods, Apple Watch and HomePod, you can allow Siri to passively listen for your voice.
    Whether passively listening or not you can require that Siri only work when your device is unlocked. For instructions on this, please see below.
  • On HomePod there is a specific security setting tied to “Personal Requests.” If this is turned on, then utilizing Siri for shortcuts, as well as your text messages, notes, and more are enabled on your HomePod. You can also require authentication for this feature.
  • For the most secure experience, we recommend disabling Personal Requests on your HomePod and requiring authentication on your Phone for Siri to be used.

For information on setting Siri on your iPhone to your preference please see Apple’s support documentation here.

For information on setting Siri on your Apple Watch to your preference please see Apple’s support documentation here.

For information on setting Siri “Personal Requests” on your AirPods to your preference please see Apple’s support documentation here.


How can I set up my own phrase to use to unlock?

When you set up unlock with Siri for your door, we will suggest “unlock ‘Your Door Name’” as the unlock phrase. To edit, simply tap in the ‘When I say:’ box, and choose any phrase you’d like.


How can I change the phrase I’ve set up?

Navigate to the Door page and tap the “Add to Siri” button. You will be able to set up any phrase you want here.


Can I use the same phrase for all my doors?

You will need to choose a unique phrase for each of your doors. You can use the suggested phrase for each, “unlock ‘Your Door’s Name.’”


What happens if I delete Shortcuts?

You will need to download the Shortcuts app again in order to unlock with Siri.


If unlock with Siri does not work, what should I do?

First, check that you have downloaded the Shortcuts app. Then, navigate to the Door you are attempting to unlock and be sure that you have added it to Siri. Finally, press the “Add to Siri” button to confirm you are using the right phrase.


If I want to remove the Siri Shortcut, how do I do that?

Open your Shortcuts app, and delete natively from within.


Can I use this to unlock my door while my phone is unlocked?

Unlock with Siri will mirror the security requirements you have natively with Siri. If you can use Siri without unlocking your phone, then you can use unlock with Siri the same way. If you want to keep your door as secure as possible we recommend requiring your phone be unlocked to use Siri in your iPhone settings.

I can’t find the Latch App in the App Store

If you are an Android user and cannot find the Latch App in the Google Play store, please review our list of Supported Devices to make sure your device is included. 

If the Latch App is not available in your country’s App Store, you’ll need to switch to the US App Store to download the Latch App. Follow the instructions below to switch to the US App Store:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select iTunes & App Store
  3. Select Apple ID (at the very top of the screen)
  4. Authenticate w/ password or Touch ID, if required
  5. Select Country/Region
  6. Select Change Country or Region
  7. Select United States
  8. Select Agree to consent to the terms and conditions
  9. Enter payment details
    1. If you do not have a US credit card choose “None”
  10. Enter billing address
    1. Enter any address in the US
  11. Select Next

I cannot login to the app

Check your login details

When your property management adds you to a door, you will receive a Latch Welcome email, which includes your login credentials (email & password) and a link to the app. 


Further troubleshooting

  • Check you have downloaded the correct app, we have two - Latch App (iOS and Android) and Latch Manager App (iOS)
  • If you haven't received login information for Manager App or your login information is not working, contact Latch for permission
  • Double check your password - it is case sensitive
  • If you forgot your password, select 'I forgot my password' on the login screen
  • If the problem persists and you are trying to unlock a door, learn more about the other ways to unlock.


Password Set & Reset Procedure

Latch App:

Resetting Password (If you are unable to log in) :

  1. Open the Latch App
  2. At the bottom of the login screen, select ‘I Forgot My Password’
  3. Enter the email registered with your Latch Account
  4. This will send a message including a temporary password to your Latch registered email
  5. Return to the Latch App
  6. Copy or enter this password into the password field (Note: the password is case sensitive)
  7. If unable to log in, please repeat this process
  8. Once logged in, you can change your password provided by Latch by following the Set Password procedure under ‘My Profile’ and selecting ‘Edit’

Setting a New Password (if you are currently logged in)

  1. Open the Latch App
  2. Select the ‘Settings’ Menu in the upper left
  3. Select ‘My Profile’
  4. In the password field under ‘My Account’, select ‘Edit’
  5. Enter your current password(if you’ve recently reset your password, this will be the temporary password provided by Latch)
  6. Enter your new password.  (Please ensure your password is at least 8 characters long, but no more than 1024 characters)
  7. Select ‘Done’
  8. You should then receive a confirmation message to your Latch registered email that your password has been reset

If you run into issues while resetting your password, or while attempting to log in, please reach out to our Support Team at


I'm not receiving Latch emails

Latch sends emails to you to let you know about important things like setting up your Latch account, new accesses given to you, reset password links, and more. If you are not receiving these emails, it may be for one of the following reasons:


1. Your email provider is taking longer than expected to refresh your inbox

If this is the case, wait a few minutes and refresh your email inbox


2. You are using a company email with a firewall

If you have a company email, there could be a firewall that has been setup by your company's IT department to block out third party emails. We recommend contacting your company's IT department to whitelist Alternatively, ask your property manager or host to use your personal email address instead to give you access.


3. Latch emails are going to your spam folder

Your email client may be accidentally sending Latch emails to the spam folder. Check your spam folder and check your email provider's instructions on how to prevent email addresses from going to the spam folder.

How to update your doors

    1. Swipe up to "My doors."


    2. In your Door List, tap the Door you want to update.


    3. Below the Door name, select "Update" in blue.


    4. Then, tap the blue "Update" button. Note: You must be close to the device in order to update the Door.


    5. Once your Door is updated, a green check mark will appear, along with the date and time of the last update.