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Ways to unlock

Latch App - Android and Apple Users - Bluetooth (BLE)

Hold the phone close to the black Latch Lens on the device and it will automatically find and unlock the right Door. Android devices have additional settings that you can tune for the best experience.



Alternatively, swipe up to your Door List and tap the Door you want to unlock.


Latch App - Android Users - Near Field Communication (NFC) 

Ensure that NFC is enabled within your phone and Latch App settings. If you do not see NFC within the Latch App, please contact for assistance. For a list of all Android supported devices.


Hold the phone within 1” of the Latch device to unlock. You do not need to unlock your phone, but make sure that your device is awake.


Latch App for Apple Watch

Open the app and hold your wrist to the Latch device, and it will automatically unlock. 

You can also scroll down in the app to quickly access your personal doorcodes.

Unlock with Siri

To unlock with Siri, navigate to your Door List, and tap on any door. You will see a button allowing you to “Add to Siri.” After tapping the button, you will be asked to choose a phrase that you will use as a voice command with Siri.  You can use the suggested phrase or create your own. To unlock with Siri, simply say “Hey Siri,” followed by your chosen phrase as you approach your lock.




Find your Doorcodes in the left menu of the Latch App.  



Using Doorcodes

Tap the center of the black Latch Lens on the device and enter your Doorcode.




Latch Keycard

Tap the center of the black Latch Lens on the device and present your Keycard. Learn more about getting and setting up a Latch Keycard.




Mechanical Key

Contact your property management for more information about keys at your property.




Setting up Latch Keycard

Latch Keycard is the first physical credential to work across any door in any building you have access to. It leverages a secure process -- similar to setting up a credit card, and is easy to setup and use. 


How do I get a Latch Keycard?

Contact your property manager for your building's policy on Keycard.


Can I have more than one Keycard?

You can only have one active keycard at any one time. However you can store as many as you want. You just need to deactivate your current keycard first, before activating another one.



  1. Go to
  2. Select 'Activate'
  3. Enter the serial number printed on the Keycard
  4. Enter your Latch email (that you login into the app with)
  5. Open your email and press 'activate'
  6. Follow the instructions to add Keycard to your doors. 



It's just as easy to deactivate your Latch Keycard if you think it's lost or stolen.


If your Latch Keycard is lost or stolen

If you've lost your Latch Keycard or you think it might be stolen, the following steps will help:

  1. Go to
  2. Select 'Deactivate'
  3. Enter your Latch email address (that you use to login to the app)
  4. Check your email and confirm the deactivation
  5. Your property management will be informed to update your device to ensure the Keycard no longer works

If you need a new Keycard, contact your property management and activate it with the following steps.

Unlocking with Android NFC

What is Android NFC and how do I turn it on?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a specialized protocol for objects to communicate with one another. It works within a few inches, making it a particularly reliable and fast way to unlock Latch locks. It is also the protocol used for things like Latch Keycard, Apple and Google Pay, and everyday key fobs.

If you are using the latest version of the Latch App for Android, NFC is automatically turned on. Please note, your phone will only use NFC if the lock you're trying to unlock is running the latest firmware version. If the lock does not have a supported firmware version, the Android Latch App will default to Bluetooth unlock.


Why is NFC available on Android but not iOS?

Unfortunately, Apple does not currently allow NFC to be used to unlock doors. We’re continuing to work hard to make this feature available for Latch iOS users.


My Android phone is not using NFC to unlock.

If you’re not using the latest version of the Latch App or if the lock you’re trying to unlock is not on the latest firmware version, then the Latch App will default to using Bluetooth to unlock.


Can I turn off NFC?

You can turn off NFC under Settings. Once off, your Latch App will use Bluetooth to unlock your door.


What is unlock from background?

Using NFC, you may be able to unlock your door without unlocking your phone or opening the Latch App. To do so, you must have the latest version of the Latch App for Android and your Latch devices must run the latest firmware version.

You can opt in to unlock from background in Settings.


Why can I unlock some doors from the background and not others?

Latch devices must be running the latest firmware to be unlocked from the background. You can check which devices have a supported firmware version in Settings.


What if my phone gets lost or stolen and unlock from background is enabled?

Depending on your device and the version of the Android operating system, you may be able to remotely wipe and restore your Android phone. Please check with your device manufacturer and Google’s Android support.

Unlocking with the Latch App for Apple Watch

How do I unlock a door with the Latch App for Apple Watch?

You can unlock a device in one of two ways:

1. Hold your wrist to the Latch device.


2. Scroll down in the app to quickly access your personal doorcodes.



How do I view my doorcodes in the Latch App for Apple Watch?

Once you open the Latch App for Apple Watch, scroll down past the “Hold near to unlock“ screen to view your permanent doorcodes.


The unlock is taking too long. What do I do?

If your watch is taking more than 15 seconds to unlock and you are not receiving an error message, then it is possible that the Latch device is updating. If your screen goes to sleep, simply tap to continue the unlocking process. If you are still having issues accessing or unlocking your Latch device,  please contact

Do I need my phone with me to use this app?

No, the Latch App for Apple Watch uses Bluetooth to unlock so you can still unlock without your mobile device. However, if your access has recently changed, you may need to unlock using an internet connection. If you have a non-LTE Apple Watch, that means you may need to use your smartphone to unlock.

Elevator Floor Access for Residents


Elevator Floor Access (EFA) is an optional feature your property can install for improved safety and security. It allows users to unlock only the floors they should have access to, preventing unauthorized users from reaching your floor.

Viewing Your Floor Access Permissions

Please note that not all Latch Rs that unlock elevators have Elevator Floor Access. To check if a Latch R has EFA, tap on the respective Door in your Door List in the Latch App. This will reveal the Door Detail page. If there is a menu item called “Floor Information”, this Latch R has EFA and selecting it will tell you which floors you have access to.

Please note that the floors you can access are set by your property manager.

Unlocking Regular Elevators

The Latch R running EFA is typically installed inside the elevator cab and works just like any other Latch R device, except authenticating allows you to select a destination floor instead of unlocking a door. To unlock the floors of an elevator, unlock the Latch R as you would any other Door.

Once the device indicates a successful unlock, you will be able to press the desired floor button, assuming you have access to that floor.

Keep in mind that the elevator will only respond to the floors that you have been given access to by your property manager. If you cannot access the floors you need, please contact your property manager.

Unlocking Elevators with Destination Dispatch

If you select which floor you go to before you get into the elevator cab, chances are your elevator has what’s called destination dispatch. In this case, there will be a Latch R mounted near the elevator kiosk where you select the floor. You will need to unlock at the kiosk instead of the elevator. To do that, unlock the Latch R as you would any other Door. After the device indicates a successful unlock, you will be able to press the desired floor button, assuming you have access to the floor. 

Sharing Floor Access

At your property’s discretion, you can share access to elevators like you would share access to your Doors. You can share short- or long-term access with people like friends, family, and with services like cleaning and dog walking. The floors you are able to share are set by your property manager.

If your property manager has allowed you to share access to floors, you can do so through the Latch App’s “Let Someone In” feature. On the screen “Select doors,” you can view which floors you have permission to share by tapping the “See floors” link beneath the elevator name.

Additionally, if your property manager has set up guest floor access for elevators using Single Day Doorcodes (both 15-minute and 24-hour codes), you can share floor access using Single Day Doorcodes through the Latch App.

Hold Near to Unlock on Android

Android devices have additional settings to help tune Hold Near to Unlock for your particular Android device.


If your Latch App is unlocking from too far away

  1. Navigate to 'My Profile' in the left menu
  2. Change the 'Unlock distance' to 'Near'


The Latch device is not unlocking when I hold my phone close to it

  1. Navigate to 'My Profile' in the left menu
  2. Ensure 'Hold Near to Unlock' is on
  3. If problem persists, change the 'Unlock distance' to 'Nearest' 


Turning off Hold Near to Unlock

You can turn off Hold Near to Unlock by navigating to 'My Profile' in the left menu.

I'm having trouble entering Doorcodes

I'm getting the flashing lights after entering the Doorcode

If the Latch device's numeric LEDs flash after you enter the Doorcode, it means that the Doorcode is not valid for that Latch device. Try one of the following:

1. Ensure your are entering the correct Doorcode. Check your app under My Doorcodes or if you received a Doorcode from your host, check the Latch email or text that was sent to you

2. Enter each subsequent digit within five seconds. The Latch device will timeout and erase your entry if you do not enter a digit after five seconds. This is to ensure that if you get one wrong, you can try again. Tap the digit with the pad of your finger to ensure the Latch Lens registers your finger. Sometimes small fingers or the tip of your fingers do not register on the Latch Lens

4. Ensure one of the circular status LEDs light up every time you input a digit. If a status LED does not light up after you input a digit, it means your finger was not detected. After entering all seven digits, the circular status LEDs should make a full circle

5. Update the Latch device


The numeric LEDs are not lighting up when I touch the Latch Lens

1. Ensure you are tapping the center of the Latch Lens to wake it up

2. Tap with the pad of your finger to ensure the Latch Lens registers your finger. Sometimes small fingers or the tip of your fingers do not register on the Latch Lens

3. Power reset the Latch device by removing the batteries or in the case of Latch R or a wired Latch M Series (Generation 2), resetting the power to the Latch R




Issues with unlocking

To troubleshoot an unlock issue, try the following.


Latch App

Check the following first:

  1. Ensure you're on the latest version of the app
  2. Device Bluetooth is turned on
  3. You are near the Latch device that you wish to unlock
  4. The correct Latch device has been selected
  5. You are unlocking a door within your designated schedule. Troubleshoot issues with schedules here.

If issues persist try the following:

  1. Turn Airplane mode on and off.
  2. Try your doorcode
  3. Update the Latch device with the Latch App or Latch Manager App:


Latch Keycard and doorcodes

If doorcodes or Latch Keycard are not working it could be that the Latch Device is not up-to-date.

If unlocking issues persist, please contact




Doorcodes not working

To troubleshoot a doorcode issue, perform a manual update in the Latch or Latch Manager App while physically at the Latch device.


Latch App:

  1. Select the Settings Menu in the upper left
  2. Choose "Locks"
  3. Swipe left on the corresponding door name
  4. Select 'Update'


Latch Manager App:

  1. Select the corresponding building
  2. Select the corresponding door / lock name
  3. Select 'Update'


Permanent guest doorcodes

When adding a permanent guest doorcode, a manual update to the device is required if it is not connected to the internet. Learn more about adding permanent guests.


If doorcode issue persists, please contact


Can I change my doorcode?

Doorcodes are unique and created directly by Latch. When a Doorcode is assigned to you in the Latch App, you are the only one who is given this specific doorcode.

If you would like to change your Doorcodes, please reach out to your property management team and ask them to revoke all of your current access and then re-grant it, as this will generate a new Doorcode(s) for your account.

Please note that to ensure that the prior Doorcode(s) is no longer valid on any non-internet connected Latch devices (such as the one on an apartment unit door), a door update must be performed once you are re-invited to access your doors with the Latch App.


What if my Latch C jams?

What happens during a jam?

When the Latch C detects a jam (an inability to sufficiently extend the deadbolt), it performs an anti-jamming routine where it retracts and extends the deadbolt three additional times to give the user an opportunity to take corrective action. After the anti-jamming routine, the Latch C either indicates that it was successfully locked with a locking animation on the Lens, or that the locking attempt was unsuccessful with a double-blink animation on the Lens. If you see that locking was successful, please still test your door to ensure that the door is secure. If the locking was unsuccessful, simply unlock to retract the deadbolt and try locking again.

Ensure you have closed the door the whole way.

On some doors it will be necessary for you to pull or push on the door while locking to ensure that the deadbolt is aligned with the door frame. This can be for a number of reasons, but may be because there is weather-stripping material installed to create a good seal between your door and doorframe to better insulate your home.

Check your door alignment.

It's important that the Latch C locks and unlocks smoothly. The resistance felt when locking and unlocking with the thumbturn is the same resistance the motor encounters. Longterm, this will reduce your Latch C’s battery life and can cause additional wear and tear. If you feel that there is unusual resistance, contact your property management for guidance.



How do I lock the Latch C?

Latch C

To lock Latch C, simply tap the center of the black circle to lock.


Latch C2

To lock Latch C2, simply turn the thumb turn towards the door frame.


Latch M

Latch M automatically locks 10 seconds after unlocking


Latch R

Latch R automatically locks after 5 seconds or 10 seconds depending on how you have configured it.