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How to update your doors

    1. Swipe up to "My doors."


    2. In your Door List, tap the Door you want to update.


    3. Below the Door name, select "Update" in blue.


    4. Then, tap the blue "Update" button. Note: You must be close to the device in order to update the Door.


    5. Once your Door is updated, a green check mark will appear, along with the date and time of the last update.






Do Latch devices take photos?

We designed Latch devices so you can easily and securely enter your space and share access with those you trust. For peace of mind, Latch devices have a camera on their exterior that takes photos in specific situations while preserving your privacy, so you can check who entered your space and when.


Latch devices only take photos:

  • At public doors in your building (ie. building entrance, gym, parking garage)
  • When a guest enters a public or private door
  • An unauthorized doorcode is entered 

Who can see the photos?

Only you, those you live with, and authorized building security personnel.


Latch devices never take photos:

  • When a resident enters a private residence
  • When a mechanical key is used 

Note: The camera is not capable of taking video.