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How do I receive calls from Latch Intercom?

To receive intercom calls, your property manager must add you to Latch with an email or phone number. You can then receive intercom calls via the Latch App or via a normal phone call. You can choose which method of incoming calls you prefer within the Latch App settings.

If you do not see the Latch Intercom added to a door in your building, please update your Latch App to the latest version.

Can I let visitors in remotely with the Latch Intercom?

Yes, there are three ways to let a visitor in remotely:

  • If you are receiving intercom calls via phone call, tap the number ‘9’ when you are ready to let your visitor into the building. 
  • If you are receiving intercom calls via the Latch App, tap ‘Latch App’ during your call, and then tap ‘Unlock.’
  • As an alternative to an intercom call, you can scroll through the list of doors in the Latch App, find the door the intercom is located at (it will say 'Paired to intercom' in grey text below the door name), and press the blue 'Unlock' button. 

Can I change my display name on the Latch Intercom?

To modify your intercom display name, navigate to your settings in the Latch App. Tap ‘Intercom Settings’ and then ‘Display Name.’ You can select between ‘Default Name’ and ‘Custom.’ 

‘Default Name’ displays the name as [First Name] [Last Initial]. For example, John Smith will appear as ‘John S.’

If you choose ‘Custom,’ you can choose any name you’d like, including names with emojis.