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Water Sensor Installation & Troubleshooting

Section: I am installing a Latch Devices:

To install the Water Sensor:


If the water sensor is not pairing:

  1. Your water sensor is not in pairing mode if the light has a single blink every few seconds.
  2. To put it in pairing mode, take out the battery and press and hold the button on the underside of the water sensor.
  3. While holding the button, put the battery in and count to 3.
  4. Let go of the button. The sensor is in pairing mode if it blinks in rapid succession.


I don’t know if my water sensor successfully paired to the hub:

  1. In the Latch Manager app, check that the water sensor is showing up in the building devices list.
  2. If it has successfully paired at least once, the connectivity status will be “Connected.”
  3. You can test leak detection by placing a finger on both prongs on the underside of the water sensor. The device will beep and any users added to the property, including property managers with device management permissions and phone numbers saved in Latch Manager, will receive an SMS.


If a resident should have received a leak SMS, but didn’t:

  1. Ensure the correct phone number has been entered on the resident’s People page in Latch Manager. 
  2. If the number listed is correct, contact

How to Pair the Latch Water Sensor

After the water sensor has been created, tap ‘Pair’ button to put the hub in pairing mode.


Then, put water sensor into pairing mode. When battery is first inserted, the water sensor will automatically enter pairing mode for 30 seconds. If a network is not found after 100 seconds, the sensor will go into sleep mode. To wake the sensor again, press the pairing button once to trigger the pairing process.