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Adding, Editing, or Deleting Property and Portfolio Managers

Creating a Portfolio Manager or Property Manager

To create a Portfolio Manager or Property Manager from directly within Latch Mission Control, navigate to the top right-hand side of the home page and select the ‘Manage Settings’ dropdown menu followed by selecting 'Staff'.  

From the ‘Staff’ screen, you may select either the ‘Portfolio Managers’ or ‘Property Managers’ list. From there, select ‘Create New’ to create a contact card for your new Portfolio Manager or Property Manager.  Simply enter the person's First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, and select ‘Create’.

Note that creating a property or portfolio manager does not grant access to any doors. To do this, you'll need to assign keys to their account from the People section. 

For additional details on the differences between Portfolio Managers and Property Managers as well as the permission levels, check out this article. 

Editing a Property Manager's Key or Device Management Permissions

To view and edit key management permissions, navigate to the menu in Latch Mission Control and select "Staff." Since Portfolio Managers will receive full key management permissions, to view/edit your existing Property Managers' permissions, select the 'Property Managers' tab. Choose a property manager, then select 'Edit' to make changes to their account by selecting either 'Add Property' to add permissions or editing within a property to tailor their Device Management or Key Management Permissions (detailed here)

Editing a Property Manager or Portfolio Manager's Name

Portfolio Managers cannot edit contact card profile information, such as First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, at this time. If you try to delete the contact card and re-create a new contact card using the same email address, then the old First Name and Last Name will still persist. If you would like to edit contact card profile information, you will need to contact Latch Customer Support to do so.

Deleting a Portfolio Manager or Property Manager

To delete a Manager from a portfolio, select the contact card for the manager you want to delete and scroll to the bottom. Select ‘Delete’. You must be a Portfolio Manager to perform this function.

  • Note: Portfolio Managers can delete themselves from a portfolio so long as they are not the last remaining Portfolio Managers. The last remaining Portfolio Manager cannot be deleted. This is to ensure Latch always has at least one point of contact for a portfolio.


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