Getting Started

Bringing your Latch Property or Device Online Turning Off and Turning On Two Factor Authentication What Browsers are Compatible with Latch Mission Control See all

Managing your Portfolio and Team

What is a Portfolio Manager? How are they different from Property Managers? Adding, Editing, or Deleting Property and Portfolio Managers Property Managers: Key and Device Management Permissions See all

Reporting and Insights in Latch Mission Control

Reporting and Auditing Platform Insights Dashboard See all

Managing Doors

Creating and Assigning Doors Door Schedules Deleting a Door See all

Managing Keys

Making Keys Key Schedules Restricting features: May Share Key and Doorcodes How do I give someone a new Key without changing their doorcodes? See all

Managing People and Access

Inviting Users, Editing Access (Assigning or Revoking Keys), and Removing Users Bulk Inviting or Editing People via CSV File Setting the correct Resident Status Reviewing users to ensure they have the correct resident status Latch Keycards Confirming if your residents have activated the Latch App or have a keycard assigned See all

Managing and Maintaining Latch Devices

What happens during a property wide power outage? Door State Notifications for Communal Doors Changing Batteries and Battery Management Swapping out or Deactivating a Latch Device Door Updates Firmware Upgrades See all

Managing the Latch Intercom

Adding Residents to the Latch Intercom Adding Units Customizing the Intercom Directory Intercom is displaying 'Empty Directory' Intercom brightness and volume See all

Managing E-PMS Integration with Latch

Setting up ePMS in Latch Mission Control ePMS Required Credentials User Sync Integration User Sync - Post Activation Instructions Unit Sync Integration Automated Access See all

Managing Latch Concierge Pro

Setting up Latch Concierge Pro How does Latch Concierge Pro work? Latch Package Scanner See all

Managing Bookings

Creating and Managing Latch Bookings See all

Managing the Latch Link

Latch Link Set Up Process See all

Managing Smart Home Devices

Latch Water Sensor Troubleshooting I've received a leak notification Enabling Residents to Control their Smart Devices Viewing the Status of Smart Devices at your Building Managing Smart Home Devices in Vacant Units Purchasing and Preparing your Property for Smart Home Set Up See all

Managing OpenKit Partners' Access

Managing OpenKit Partners' Access to Latch See all

Third Party Licenses

Light & Leak Third Party Licenses & Notices iOS Third Party Licenses & Notices Android Third Party Licenses & Notices Java Third Party Licenses & Notices Javascript Third Party Licenses and Libraries Embedded Third Party Licenses & Notices See all