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Managing Smart Home Devices in Vacant Units

Property Managers with Device Management permissions can control the settings for specific Light Switches and Thermostats in vacant units via the Latch App. The 'Vacant Unit Settings' feature is enabled in Latch Mission Control and allows a property manager to disable Lights and HVAC systems controlled by Thermostats when units become vacant.

To Enable or Disable Vacant Unit Settings:

  1. Log in to Latch Mission Control and select your property.
  2. Click on 'Property Settings,' then choose 'Manage Units.' 
  3. Under the search bar, click the 'Vacant Unit Settings' tab.
  4. Enable or Disable the Vacant Unit Settings by selecting or deselecting the options below:
  • Turn lights off when units become vacant
  • Turn HVAC off when units become vacant

If you do not see 'Vacant Unit Settings' in the Latch Mission Control, please contact for further assistance.

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