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Enabling Residents to Control their Smart Devices

In order to set a resident up to control the Smart Devices in their unit, you'll need to ensure the following steps have been taken care of:

  1. Review and complete the requirements in the previous article, ‘Purchasing and Preparing your Property for Smart Home Set Up.'
  2. Provide the Resident with access to their Residence Door and the corresponding Unit.
  3. Ensure residents new to Latch have received an invite to download and sign into the Latch App for the first time. You can direct residents to ‘Smart Home Devices in the Latch App’ for help with viewing their Smart Devices.

When the Smart Home device installation process is complete, the devices have been connected to the internet, the resident has access to their residence, accepts their invitation, and agrees to the terms of service in the Latch App, they will then be able to view and control their smart devices.

Note: If your property has Nest thermostats, your residents must also agree to the Google Terms of Service in the Latch App.

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