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Latch Package Scanner

Set Up

To set up the package scanner, ensure that all scanner users are a designated Portfolio or Property Manager in Latch Mission Control. They should also download the Latch Manager App. Please note, the Latch Scanner is only available on iOS smartphones. 

To finish set-up, confirm that all residents have been properly added to the Latch Mission Control and that their personal information is accurate.

Using the Latch Package Scanner

To use the Latch Package Scanner, open the Latch Manager App on your smartphone. Please note that users with Portfolio Owner permissions for multiple portfolios must switch portfolios in order to view the associated properties.

Choose your building on the Properties page. Then, select “Scan Packages” in the top right-hand corner. 

Begin uploading photos. Press “Select” to choose package labels from your camera roll or choose “Capture” to directly take photos of package labels in real time. 

Wait for the photo to upload and process. Once processed, the resident will receive an SMS notification alerting them that their package has arrived.

Troubleshooting the Latch Package Scanner

We are currently sending notifications by matching the first and last name of the resident uploaded to the Latch Mission Control. 

If you receive an error stating “Processing failed, try again,” see below: 

  1. The resident’s first or last name may be missing from their contact card in Latch Mission Control. Confirm the resident's information is entered correctly. 
  2. You will receive an error if the package is for a person that doesn't have a Latch Mission Control contact card. For example, the contact card for the leaseholder may have been uploaded, but information was not added for their roommates, spouse, or guests. 
  3. If the package is for "Reggie" but the Latch Mission Control contact card has the name "Reginald," you will receive an error. Confirm the contact card uses the correct version of your resident’s name. 
  4. The picture may be too blurry or is an unrelated picture so text cannot be matched.
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