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Setting up ePMS in Latch Mission Control

To integrate one of the approved Property Management System (PMS) systems with Latch Mission Control, complete the below steps:

Step 1 - Prepare your PMS credentials

To begin please follow these instructions to learn more about the required permission. 


Step 2 - Access Mission Control and Choose Property for Synchronization

Once your credentials are added, log in to Latch Mission Control and proceed to the Latch Property you wish to integrate with your PMS, in these screenshots the Latch property name is 123 Building Name. 


Step 3 - Set Up and Select PMS

Navigate to the “Integrations” page. In the “Automate user creation and updates integration” card, click on "Set Up". If PMS was already selected and the PMS credentials are connected, click on “Configure.


Step 4 - Create new PMS credentials or choose an existing PMS credentials

In the “Enter Credentials” screen, create new credential or select the credentials you want to use for the integration and click on “Continue”.

Step 5 - Select the PMS properties you would like to sync into Latch

After choosing your credentials, in the “Attach Property IDs” screen, select the PMS properties you want to sync into the currently active Latch property (in this example, 123 Building Name) and click on “Continue.”


Step 6 - Exclude PMS lease statuses you don’t want to sync to Latch

In the “Exclude Lease Statuses” screen, add any lease statuses you don't want to sync into Latch and click on “Continue." Any resident with these statuses will not be pulled into Latch.



Step 7 - Turn on the integration

In the “User Sync Integration” screen, toggle on and activate the integration, and click on “Done." The sync between the PMS and Latch happens automatically every hour. You can also trigger a manual sync on the People page.



Manage Settings

These configurations can be updated by clicking on “Manage Settings” on the “Integrations” page.
Once complete, your PMS integration with Latch is now set up and ready to use. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to our support team for assistance by emailing us at
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