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User Sync Integration

With the User Sync integration, residents created in the property management software (PMS) are automatically synced to Latch Mission Control. This integration saves time for property managers by removing the need to add resident data to multiple systems. 

How the integration works

With the Latch integration, resident information is pulled from the PMS and automatically populates in Latch Mission Control. Synced information includes first name, last name, email, phone number, leasing start, and end date, move-in and out date, and unit number.

Syncs occur automatically at a minimum of once per hour. When the PMS syncs with Latch Mission Control:

  1. It checks all people who have previously been synced through this integration and imports any new information into Latch Mission Control. If the email address has changed, the sync will not complete.
  2. If users have a “pending” or “current” status in the PMS and have not yet been added to Latch Mission Control:
    • Check if there is a user in Latch Mission Control with the same first name, last name, and email as the PMS. If everything matches, the user will be synced.
    • If there’s a partial match (i.e. email addresses match but different names), the user will be flagged and the property manager can review.
    • If there’s no match, a new contact will be created in Latch Mission Control. This contact will be populated with information from the PMS.
    • To manually sync your property management system, go to the "People" tab and click "Sync Now" under "Actions."
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