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Self Guided Tour Integrations - Tour 24


Latch has preferred partners in the self guided tour space. Tour24 integrates fully with Latch in order to provide tours for leasing that are fully self-guided. These tours can be enabled for a model unit or all vacant units. In order to begin integrating your property or properties with Tour24, please contact Tour24 at


Integration Overview

When Tour24 creates a tour, they are able to use an integration with Latch in order to provide access. This application works for all devices enabled for Tour24 including Latch C1, C2, M, R and T. The prospect is provided with an embedded link in the Tour24 app that provides a single doorcode for all connected doors (i.e. ethernet/wifi/hub), and a single daily doorcode for each individual un-connected door at the property. In most cases this means that all communal doors have a single code for exactly the length of the tour, and each unit provides a daily doorcode that is only visible during the duration of the tour.

Integration Set Up

Once integration and terms have been agreed upon with Tour24, they will walk you through the set up of the integration. Once ready, they will let you know to email Latch with the names of the Keys that are to be allowlisted by Latch. Once complete, and confirmation from Latch is sent, your integration will be live and operational.

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