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Door Updates

Door updates are an integral part of operating the Latch system. Any user with Latch App access to a door may perform a door update; any property manager with device management may perform a door update using the Latch Manager App (note the differences below)

Doors without an internet connection require an update whenever you:

  1. Revoke someone's access
  2. Activate a Keycard 

Note: Doors are automatically updated whenever someone unlocks a door for the first time with the app (during the “setting up” process). You may also intervene and update the doors yourself with the Latch Manager App or the Latch App (e.g. if the user plans to use a doorcode or Keycard to interact with their door and is unable to use the Latch App).

Door Updates in the Latch App v. Latch Manager App

A door update using the Latch Manager Application will push information to the Latch device, but won't pull information. For example, it will sync access changes but won't pull the most recent battery information. A door update with the Latch App will both push and pull information to/from the Latch device. Latch App updates will sync access changes and pull the most recent data from the device, such as battery data or activity logs. As such, we recommend performing door updates with the Latch App whenever feasible. 

How to update a door using the Latch Manager App

In the Latch Manager App (iOS), go to open the 'door update tasks due today' list in blue, then choose the door you wish to update. Alternatively, you may select a door and tap 'Update' from the door page. 

How to update a door using the Latch App

In the Latch App (download links: iOS, Android), while physically at the Latch device):

  1. Swipe up to "My doors" or "My Spaces"
  2. In your Door List, tap the Door you want to update.
  3. Below the Door name, select "Update" in blue.
  4. Then, tap the blue "Update" button.

The update should only take a few moments. During this time, please do not step away from the device or close your app. Once your Door is updated, a green check mark will appear, along with the date and time of the last update.

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