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Swapping out or Deactivating a Latch Device

It's easy to swap out or deactivate a Latch device without causing disruption. Deactivating removes all access from the device, and disassociates it from the door which it was assigned to. Once deactivated, a different door can then be reassigned to the device.

1. Deactivate the Existing Latch Device 

  1. Ensure you have unlock access to the door - if you don't, ask your administrator to give you access. You won't be able to deactivate the door unless a key holding it is assigned to your account.
  2. Using the Manager App, navigate to the devices list.
  3. Select the door which you want to deactivate the Latch device from.
  4. Select 'deactivate.'

2. Activate a New Latch Device on the Door

  • Ensure that the door name remains unchanged when programming the new Latch device. This ensures that the right people will still be able to access this door. 
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