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Creating your Latch Account and Downloading the Latch App

Once your Latch device has been installed (link to install) and your account has been created through the management platform, Latch Mission Control, you’re all set to begin using your Latch App and Latch Device.

If this is your first time receiving Latch access, you’ll receive a Latch invitation e-mail to guide you through creating your password and finishing setting up your Latch account (otherwise, you’ll see the doors added directly to your existing Latch account).

Downloading the Latch App

When you’ve created your password, download then open the Latch App (iOS, Android) and log in using your new password. You'll want to ensure your Bluetooth and Location services are toggled 'On' and that you've enabled permissions for the Latch App to access both. 

Supported and Recommended Phones

If you do not see the Latch App in the United States App Store or Play Store, your device may not be fully supported and you may encounter reduced functionality.

Supported iOS Devices

Latch App is currently supported on devices running iOS 13 and above. Please refer to Apple’s Supported iPhone Models for more device information.

Supported Android Devices

Latch App is supported on devices running Android 6 and above. While the Latch App is available on many Android devices, we recommend Samsung flagship models and Google Pixel devices. 

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