Using your Latch Device and the Latch App

Creating your Latch Account and Downloading the Latch App Introduction to the Latch App Changing your Password while logged in to the Latch App Door Updates, Firmware Upgrades, and Battery Life Inviting Guests and Revoking Guest Access Unlocking your Doors See all

Latch App Troubleshooting

Can I change my Doorcode? Log In Issues and Password Reset I'm not receiving Latch emails I'm having issues unlocking my door or seeing a Bluetooth Error I'm getting an 'Out of Schedule' Error in the Latch App I don't see doors or am missing doors in my Latch App See all

Device Optimization and Troubleshooting

Changing Batteries in your Latch Device How to perform a Door Update How to perform a Firmware Upgrade with the Latch App The numbers on the Latch lens are blinking after typing my doorcode in or attempting to use my Keycard My Latch C Deadbolt is retracting and extending See all

Smart Home Troubleshooting

Changing the Batteries of my Latch Water Sensor How do I connect a Honeywell thermostat to WiFi? How do I connect a Nest Device to a Google Account? My Smart Home device is not turning on Issues Viewing my Smart Devices See all

Security and Privacy

Latch Data Policy and New York City Tenant Data Privacy Act How do you work to prevent security breaches? What does Latch do with my data? Is it sold to anyone? Can I request to see the data that Latch collects about my access history, or delete my data? Who can view my access history? How long is this data stored for? Do Latch devices take photos? See all

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if my Latch Keycard is lost or stolen? What if I lock my phone inside my apartment or the battery dies? What if my phone is stolen? See all


Latch and WeWork Activating Your WeWork Membership Canceling your WeWork Membership WeWork Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) See all