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Introduction to the Latch App

The Latch App provides you with the opportunity to unlock your door(s), let in guests, view activity history, and optimize your Latch device’s performance. When you log in to the Latch App, you'll see the menu on the top left-hand side, Concierge on the top right-hand side, and My Spaces or My Doors (depending on certain features of your property). 

  • Latch Concierge: Your one-stop shop to access certain features, like inviting guests, booking spaces at your property, as well as contacting Latch Support, and finding additional support resources.
  • Menu: Selecting the menu on the top left-hand side will open a section where you can find your doorcodes, manage guests, view your history, and view/change certain settings.
  • My Doors/Spaces: Swiping up on My Doors or My Spaces will show the doors you've been granted access to and any smart devices associated with them. Selecting each door will provide additional details and maintenance options.
  • Red Dot: A red dot on a door indicates the battery is below 15% or a Firmware Upgrade is available for that door.


Re-ordering your Doors

To change the order your doors appear in the Latch App, simply open the Latch App and select 'Reorder' from the top right-hand corner. Use the three lines on the right-hand side of each door to set your preferred order. Once complete, select 'Done,' located in the top right-hand corner.




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