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Door Updates, Firmware Upgrades, and Battery Life

The Latch App allows you to perform certain functions to help optimize the performance of your Latch device or specific features. To view details about and ensure the best performance of your Latch device, navigate to your door and tap the door name. From there, you'll see the below options:

  • Access Time: This will provide the start and end date/time of your access. 
  • Device Details: This section will share your device Model, Firmware Version, and Battery Level. The best way to ensure your battery reading is up to date is to perform a manual update. 
  • Update: To perform a manual door update on your device, select 'Update,' then tap the blue 'Update' button. Note that the date/time of the Last Update may reflect a passive update (instead of a complete manual update); to ensure your history and battery readings are current, we recommend performing a manual update from time to time. 
  • History: This section will show the available History for this door.
  • Add to Widget: This section allows you to set up the Latch Widget.


What are Door Updates?

Door updates pull the most recent information available from a Latch device (such as access logs and battery percentage) and push any relevant updates to the device (such as access credentials that have been added or revoked from the device via the Latch App or Latch Mission Control). Therefore, doors without an internet connection require an update:

  1. Any time access to the device is revoked.
  2. When a user with access to the door activates a keycard.
  3. If a user is granted Latch App access to the door, but plans to use their doorcode (and does not intend to use the Latch App first).
  4. If you would like to see the most recent activity logs from the device in the Latch App or Latch Mission Control. 
  5. If you would like to see the most up-to-date battery reading in the Latch App, Latch Mission Control, or the Latch Manager App.

What are Firmware Upgrades?

Firmware Upgrades offer numerous optimizations and improvements to Latch device performance, functions, and overall security. A red dot on a door indicates the battery is below 15% or a Firmware Upgrade is available for that door.
Residents can now upgrade select Latch M, eGenius powered by Latch, and C2 devices through their Latch App. The Latch Manager App is needed to upgrade other device types (if you do not manage your own Latch device please contact your property management team for assistance). 

Will I receive an alert about low battery? 

While you won't receive an alert about low battery, as noted above, a red dot on a door indicates the battery is below 15% or a Firmware Upgrade is available. If you manage your own Latch device, you'll want to change the batteries or, if you do not manage your Latch device, we recommend contacting your property management team to request they change the batteries (see the Changing Batteries article for steps).


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