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Viewing your History

If you are a resident of a building your access history is available in your Latch App. To view your history, open the Latch App and select the menu (three lines in the top left-hand side). From there, select ‘History’ and choose the door where you’d like to view your history. 

In the Latch App, you can expect to see the following activity at your private unit door:

  • Your activity
  • Your guests’ activity
  • Failed Access attempts
  • Failed/Incorrect Doorcode attempts
  • Activity by accounts with property management permissions 
  • If you have an M Device, you can also expect to see logs of Mechanical Key usage, though they won’t be attributed to a user.

In the Latch App, you can expect to see the following activity at communal doors: 

  • Your activity
  • Your guests’ activity 


While we strive to capture all access events, in limited instances, we may experience unintentional loss of access event data that is associated with the operation of our products. Such expected access event data loss may limit your ability to view certain access events.

Note: After a manual door update is performed on your Latch device, the access history within your Latch App will include the last 100 logs. If you would like to see access history for older events, you may contact

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