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Smart Home Devices in the Latch App

How do I see my Smart Home devices in the Latch App?

If your property has installed Smart Devices in conjunction with Latch, you can see any of your Smart Home devices, such as thermostats, light switches, and leak detectors, by clicking the 'View Smart Devices' link below your private residence door in the Latch App.

To view your Smart Home devices:

  1. Open the Latch App on your iOS or Android smartphone. 
  2. Swipe up on the My Devices tab.
  3. Locate your private residence door by scrolling through the list. Alternatively, you can tap in the search bar and locate your unit door by name.
  4. Click on the blue text that reads View smart devices.
  5. You will then see a list of all Smart Devices currently associated with your unit.

How do I check if my Smart Devices are connected to the internet?

You can check the internet connectivity status of your Smart Home devices by viewing them in the Latch App. After tapping on View Smart Devices, you will see a list of the devices associated with your unit. Under each of your devices, there will be a brief status message that lets you know if the device is Connected, Disconnected, or in another state. 

If a device is displaying in the Latch App with a Disconnected or Tap to Connect status, it is not connected to the internet. 

Can I manage my Smart Devices remotely?

When logged into your Latch account on a smartphone with a reliable internet connection, you can manage all of your Smart Home devices remotely from any location. 

Thermostats: You can change the temperature and mode as well as view the current temperature and internet connectivity status.

Light Switches: You can turn your lights on and off, view the current lighting status, and check the connectivity status of the switch.  

Leak Detectors: You can view the connectivity status of the leak detector, receive notifications if a new leak is detected, and view a history of previously detected leaks.

Hubs: There are no settings that you need to control as a resident. However, you can view device details and the current connectivity status of the hub.

How do I connect a Nest Device to a Google Account?

For these instructions, check out this article in the troubleshooting section. 

How do I connect a Honeywell thermostat to WiFi?

For these instructions, check out this article in the troubleshooting section. 

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