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Creating and Assigning Doors

Doors are the building blocks of Latch Mission Control.

Each Latch device must have a corresponding digital Door in Latch Mission Control, including residence doors, amenities, and public entrances, so you'll create a door for every Latch device you plan to install.

We recommend adding all the door names on your property in advance of installing Latch devices. This means you can add people to the door in advance so that people have access as soon as a device is installed on that door. Once you've created the door names and added all the people, you can assign that door name to a Latch device during installation. Alternatively, you can create door names during installation using Manager App.

1. Determine the correct Door Type

Door types are important for ordering the doors in your app and ensuring the correct privacy level of people in a building. Once a device is assigned to a door, it cannot be changed without deactivating the device.

Building Entrance: Should generally be used for entrances, vestibules, and any other passageway used to gain access from the exterior to the interior of the building

Residence:  Should be used for any doors that are direct entrances to someone's private space, apartment, or home. For users marked as “Resident,” the access logs for private doors they have access to will remain private.

Service: Should be used for any doors that lead to maintenance areas or areas that are generally closed to residents such as elevator rooms and storage closets

Communal: Should be used for doors that lead to entertainment or community areas that are open to the majority of residents such as gyms and lounges

2. Create a Door

  1. Navigate to the 'Doors' or 'Devices' tab in Latch Mission Control (this naming convention will vary depending on if you have Smart Home devices at your property).
  2. Select 'Create Door.'
  3. Name the door
  4. Select the door type (see below)
  5. Select 'Create' to finish creating the door
  6. You can now add the door to a key and assign that key to users in order to grant access to this door.

3. Assign the door name to a Latch device during installation

Once you have created the door, it needs to be assigned to a Latch device during installation using the Manager App. Once installation is complete, any people you have added to the door in advance will now have access. 

What does it mean if a door says 'Not Installed'?

Once you have created a door, it needs to be assigned to a Latch device. This occurs during the installation of the Latch device. Until then, the door will remain 'uninstalled'. You can still continue to add people to the door.


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