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Reviewing users to ensure they have the correct resident status

Any user with access granted via Latch Mission Control before January 25, 2023 has been migrated to either resident or non-resident status. We recommend that you review your users, particularly members of your property management staff and residents, to ensure each account has the appropriate resident or non-resident designation. For information on the use of Resident status please read this article

Additionally, this is a great opportunity to review which users have access to your property currently and ensure that only the right managers, residents, and guests currently have access.

Viewing Resident Status

To help your team easily review current resident or non-resident designations, and correct any as needed, we have added the resident status to our Reporting and Auditing Platform

You can find reports for your property by navigating to ‘Manage Settings' and selecting ‘Reports’ from the drop-down menu. We recommend exporting the 'Assigned Access' report so that you can quickly review resident statuses for accuracy. In order to edit these users, navigate to their profile, then choose each key, select 'Edit' and uncheck 'Resident.' 

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