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Purchasing and Preparing your Property for Smart Home Set Up

How do I get Smart Home Devices at my building?

If you’re interested in adding Smart Devices to your property, please contact your Latch Certified Installer for additional details about purchasing and installing Smart Home devices. 

Your Latch Certified Installer will work with you to review your options for Smart Home Devices and plan the setup and installation. If you have any additional questions about getting this process started, please reach out to us at

How do I prepare my building for installing Smart Home devices?

There are several steps to complete before installing Latch Smart Home devices at your property, so you'll want to work with your Latch Certified Installer prior to and during the setup and installation process. Ahead of installation, we recommend completing the following tasks (or ensuring your Installer has completed them):

1. Create Doors:

If not already completed, please ensure doors are created at your property, particularly in the spaces where Smart Home devices will be installed. For details, please see our article on Creating Doors.

2. Contact Latch Support to Enable Property for Smart Home

Contact to confirm your property has been enabled for Smart Home installation (please specify the devices you plan to install and we'll ensure your building is all set).

3. Create Units:

Once your doors are created, you'll need to create digital Units (please see our article on Creating Units). 

4. Link Doors to Units: 

    1. Using the  Latch Manager App (available only on iOS devices), navigate to each new Door.
    2. Tap on each Door and then Tap on the Add Unit option.
    3. Choose the correct Unit to assign the Door to and then tap Save.

5. Contact Latch Support to Create Room Types: 

If your property is deploying Latch Leak Detectors or Smart Light Switches, you or your install partner will need to contact Latch Support to create Rooms for your property. Rooms are created to easily distinguish the specific location of each Leak Detector or Light Switch in a given Unit. If your Latch Certified Installer has not already done so, please contact to provide a list of the Room Types that will contain these devices throughout the building (Ex: Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Water Heater Closet, Living Room, etc.).

6. Install

Your Latch Certified Channel partner will install Smart Home devices into each of the individual units.

Once this process is complete, you can invite residents and set them up to control the Smart Devices in their private units. For more information, please see the article, 'How do I set someone up to control the Smart Devices in their Unit'

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