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Setting up and using the Latch App for Apple Watch

The Latch App for Apple Watch is a hands-free and phone-free way to unlock your Latch devices.

Downloading the Latch App for Apple Watch and Logging In

The Latch App for Apple Watch is fully supported on Apple Watch Series 2 and newer. It is available to download from the App Store on your Apple Watch. If you have auto-install selected on your mobile device, you can also update to the latest mobile version of the Latch App in the iOS App Store, and the Watch App should automatically install. 

To log in, once connected to Wi-Fi, the Latch App for Apple Watch will automatically log in using your credentials from your mobile device (if the Latch App is installed on your mobile device). Your mobile device must be in the vicinity of your watch to auto-login, or you can enter your email and password in the app to log in.

Note: All watches require watchOS 6 or newer to operate. While Bluetooth unlock is not currently supported on the Apple Watch Series 1, you may still access your personal doorcodes. 

Unlocking with the Latch App for Apple Watch

To perform an unlock, simply wake your Latch Device and unlock your Apple Watch, then hold your watch next to the Latch Lens to initiate an unlock. You can also scroll down in the app to quickly access your personal doorcodes.


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