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Activating and adding a Latch Camera

Once a Latch Camera has been installed, scan the QR code of the Latch Camera using the Manager App in order to pair it to the relevant door and Intercom.



Troubleshooting Firewall with Latch Camera

If the camera is being installed behind a firewall, modifications may need to be made for the camera to work properly. At a minimum the following requirements must be met:

  • Open all destinations on TCP port 443, 3478, 5349 and 8883
  • Open all UDP ports in both directions
  • Add/Allow the following domains:


Additionally, full cone NAT configuration is recommended. At a minimum, some NAT is required (otherwise the camera will be exposed to endless attacks). In summary, make sure your router, firewall or networking device doesn't block incoming and outgoing traffic on the following ports and domains:


TCP Outbound






UDP Inbound and Outbound



If video feeds still aren’t loading, all ports to the camera may need to be opened.


If video feeds are working <90% of the time or not at all, ask the integrator if they are using a SonicWall firewall. Contact Latch Support for help with SonicWall firewalls.

Cleaning the Latch Camera

Cleaning instructions

Tools needed:


  1. Remove the three screws holding the dome on
  2. Clean the inside of the dome using the glass cleaner and cloth
  3. Clean the lens using the glass cleaner and cloth
  4. Re-attached the dome
  5. Clean the outside of the dome using the glass cleaner and cloth